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The price of a new boiler installation is a mystery for a long time. We’ve delved into the buried tombs of boiler information and unravelled the complexities of prices for new boiler installations. From combi swaps to complicated conversions, this is everything you require to be aware of. Ever.

An overview of new boiler costs for 2023.


Discovering the exact cost of a brand new boiler is quite complicated and can be a source of anger, similar to trying to pull the web of spiders out of your eyes.

The reason why boiler installations can vary from alarmingly cheap three-figure offers and loan worthy sums offered by the large energy companies?

Important note It is not necessary to purchase your heating system from the company that pays the energy or gas bills.

It is important to note that an accurate estimate of the cost to install a boiler is contingent on a range of personal factors specific to your particular situation.


Discovering the exact price of a new boiler is quite complicated and can be a source of anger, similar to trying to pull the web of a spider off your back.

What is the reason boiler installations vary from alarmingly low, three-figure prices and the mortgage worthy sums from large energy companies?

Important note Important note: You don’t have to purchase an appliance from the firm that will pay your energy or gas bills.

Note: In the end, the correct cost for boiler installation depends on a number of variables specific to your specific situation.

What is the price of a brand replacement boiler set you back? Overview:

What is the cost of a new boiler?


The cost of replacing a heating system replacement is contingent on a range of variables, which include:

  • Boiler replacement costs e.g. the model of boiler you’d like to put in.
  • The type of boiler e.g. combi systems, regular, or combi.
  • If you’d like to relocate the boiler.
  • If you like Pina-Colada
  • And extras e.g. intelligent features as well as filters.

But, a simple combo swap is usually the most well-known and usually most affordable.

What is the price of a stand-alone boiler?

A brand new boiler will cost PS600 between PS2,500 and PS600, based on the type and model of boiler. A brand new combi boiler will cost PS600 between PS900 for a basic model. PS900 to PS1,200 for an intermediate model, and PS1,000-PS2,000 for a high-end model, based upon the capacity of the boiler.

A brand new boiler for a system costs PS600 between PS900 for a basic model. PS900 or 1,300 for mid-range models. PS1,300 to 2,500 for a high-end model.


A standard or heat-only boiler will cost PS500 between PS2500 and PS2,500 based on the dimensions and the quality. It’s possible to pay between PS7,700 and 15,000 for biomass boilers.

These are the rates for the boiler alone and don’t include Gas Safe Installation as well as any other services.

Let’s take a look at common boiler-installation costs…

Boiler Installation Cost Scenarios:

Let’s begin with the United Kingdom’s most popular type of boiler replacement: The gas-combi boiler

Combi boiler cost? PS1,500 – PS3,500


A brand new combi boiler can cost between PS1,500 and all the way to PS3,500 for installation, contingent on the kind of boiler you’re looking for as well as its warranty duration and how complicated the installation required is, and how much the labor costs are in the location in that you reside in.

Premium boiler replacement costs means premium prices.

A complex boiler installation means complex New boiler costs for installation.

London boiler prices is bloody expensive.

If you’re working on a simple job then you’re looking towards the low end of the spectrum. If the job is extremely complicated, be prepared for the worst. The majority of people are left with a brand new boiler that costs around the middle.

What is a combi-boiler What is a combi boiler?


An combi boiler one of the ‘combination boilers’. it regulates both your heating as well as hot water by delivering both at any time, and does not require an cylinder of hot water to be heated prior to. They’re much better than traditional immersion heaters and, should you own one, it’s worth looking into an upgrade.

Combi boilers are the house heating aspiration that mankind has been striving to achieve since the time of discovery of fire.

Imagine the scenario if Usain Bolt were your mailman however, he also emptied your garbage. A combi boiler is similar to the one… basically.

Combi boiler cost Costs of boiler replacement:

The fixed price assumes the simple swap of the boiler, and the new boiler’s costs will include an chemical clean as well as wireless controls, a boiler filter, installation of Gas Safe and much other.

Are you curious to find out which boiler manufacturer has performed the best? Find out in our research on the most efficient boilers.

Boiler ModelCost
Viessmann 050-W 29kWPS1,695Get Quotes
Viessmann 050-W 35kWPS2,075Get Quotes
Viessmann 100-W 26kWPS2,147Get Quotes
Viessmann 100-W 30kWPS2,304Get Quotes
Ideal Logic 24kWPS1,650Get Quotes
Ideal Logic 30kWPS1,845Get Quotes
Ideal Logic 35kWPS2,245Get Quotes


Are you looking for the most recent combi boiler offers? If you’re looking to find the cost of replacing your boiler quickly then select “get quotes” in the table above.

You’ll be able to rest for a long time after with one of these central heaters However, it’s undoubtedly the Viessmann is the best in virtually every aspect comparable to.

Particularly in particular, particularly, the Viessmann Vitodens 560-W is a boiler that has an affordable price that even a veteran circus clown could not match, and features that make Worcester Bosch blush.

Combi boiler isn’t working? Get a fixed quotation using the help of our on-line tool.

The boilers for regular and system replacement costs? PS1,500 – PS3,000

A brand new normal (or system boiler) boiler replacement cost could be anywhere from PS1,500 all the way to PS3000. The final price is influenced by a variety of variables such as but not limited the manufacturer of the boiler(and the warranty duration) and the required controls, the number of pumps/valves required and the overall difficulty of the task.

Do you want a brand new or regular boiler installed by a professional in the next day? Get your free quote today.

In contrast to combi boilers, regular or system boilers require an hydrant in order to work. The prices above for new boilers is to install the boiler but do not comprise cost for new or replacement cylinders.

Are you thinking of the cost of paying your boiler every month? Look through out our the finance of boilers guide for the complete rundown.

What is a normal or system boiler?


For the sake of simplicity and boredom escape We’ll mix regular and “system” boilers into one breakdown.

From a buying standpoint from a purchasing perspective, all you need to be aware of is that these aren’t co-op boilers. They’ll come with an additional water tank (usually within an airing cabinet) and/or water tank (often located in your attic) and don’t offer instant hot water upon demand.

If you have an area with a lot of people (high demand for hot water) and have several bathroomsthen the standard or system boiler is ideal for your needs. 

Similar readings:

Cost of replacing a boiler in a regular system or Summary:

The boiler replacement prices fixed are based on a simple swap and they include a chemical clean as well as a boiler filter, complete Gas Safe installation, and other.

Boiler ModelCost
Vitodens 100-W 13kWPS1,995Get Quotes
Vitodens 100-W 19kWPS2,295Get Quotes
Vitodens 100-W 26kWPS2,540Get Quotes
Vitodens 100-W 35kWPS2,879Get Quotes
Ideal Logic 15kWPS1,895Get Quotes
Ideal Logic 19kWPS2,095Get Quotes
Ideal Logic 24kWPS2,360Get Quotes
Ideal Logic 30kWPS2,879Get Quotes

Hit “get quotes” in the table above to request an unbeatable price basing on the most recent combi boiler prices.

How much will it cost to switch from an ordinary boiler to the combi boiler? PS2,500 – PS4,500

upgrading a conventional boiler to the combi boiler is a routine for a lot of UK homeowners. They are seven spots above the Pyramids and only one spot lower than releasing yourself from the burden of the burden of debt for life.

Conversions can be a complex process that have costs that you would associate with a complicated beast.

Note: In the end, the most exact cost for boiler installations cost will depend on a myriad of variables specific to your circumstances.

What exactly will you be charged?

In the price of converting your boiler is the complete removal of your boiler and water cylinder, new pipework that has been upgraded to the current or new location of the combi boiler, and obviously, the brand new combi boiler that is itself.

…and it’s an abbreviated version.

It’s a huge jobthat requires two days of effort and engineers, so that, using their equipment, they could create a crowbar jig.

In order to get you out of discomfort early, you’ll be looking at an additional PS800 or PS1200 worth of expenditure over the normal boiler swap costs

New cost of boiler conversion:


The fixed price prices assume the possibility of a simple conversion. The prices include everything mentioned above, as well as new thermostats, total chemical clean of your existing boiler including boiler filter and registration.

Note that different costlier quotes are also available. Check with your energy provider for a laugh if you’re looking for a joke.

Boiler ModelCost
Ideal Logic 24kWPS2,790Get Quotes
Ideal Logic 30kWPS2,990Get Quotes
Viessmann Vitodens 050-W 29kWPS3,039Get Quotes
Viessmann Vitodens 100-W 26kWPS3,370Get Quotes

If you are considering converting your boiler to a combination boiler, remember that any boiler maker is able to be used as long as it’s of the right dimension and power sufficient for the demands of hot water. Also, take a look at our top combination boiler article for more information than you imagined possible.

Do you want to know what boiler is the right one to your house? Read our ” what size boiler do I need” guide.

How much will an back boiler conversion to a combi cost? PS3,000 – PS5,000

You can find the full back boiler’s specifications on this page when you’re out of paint to observe the drying process…

…But the back-boiler that is broken can be a dog who has to be killed.

They cannot be repaired according to the latest regulations. Therefore, you’ll require a conversion of your boiler probably to the latest combi boiler.

Heatable applies a transparent and fixed price of PS395.00 over our standard conversion cost. The cost can be much higher when purchasing from other companies in the country, and you should not just accept the first quote you receive.

The process required to convert back boilers is the same as a normal conversion. It involves the removal of your existing system and the installation into the system of the newly constructed combi along with the pipework required, however, it’s the inconvenient location that the boiler is located in front of the fireplace that causes additional expense that can be significant.

A lot of installers and companies are not keen on doing this work and therefore will price themselves to a level where they will almost bear it or even enough to dissuade customers.

Are you looking to have your boiler relocated to new place? Look over the ” cost of moving boiler” guide.

When your radiator is freezing in the bottom this could be an indication of an damaged heat exchanger or defective boiler valve and in this instance, replacing your boiler could be the best option. Check for the Worcester Bosch Greenstar 30i available to buy from us.

Are you looking for an exact cost on the purchase of a new boiler? 

Case study: The cost to convert an Baxi Bermuda back boiler to the combi boiler

Converting to an Baxi Bermuda – or any brand of back-boiler may seem expensive at first, but the rewards are to be enjoyed for the years to in the future.

The replacement of the original boiler will:

  • Significantly lower your energy bills
  • Cut down on your carbon footprint
  • We will provide you with instant hot water upon demand
  • Make sure you save your marriage
  • Increase the security of your home
  • Enhance the resale value your home

What is the price of replacing your boiler?


Top 10 aspects that could influence the price of a new boiler replacement

The fundamentals that make up the structure of pricing might comprise cost of boiler + labour. costs of the boiler and labor cost.

However, that’s an oversimplification.

The top 10 things to be considered when calculating your boiler’s cost (…there’s lots! ):

#1 – How much will an entirely new boiler cost? PS400 – PS1200

The most important component of any installation – the boiler itself. The cost of replacing boilers for good boilers can be as high as the upper hundreds of thousands or even thousands. They differ based on the quality and model, size and the brand.

The typical cost of replacing a boiler:
PS400 – PS1200

Get a fixed, online boiler quote

#2 – Boiler installation labor cost between PS600 and PS1500.

The cost of boiler installation is contingent on how much labor needed. This will depend on the location you live in and the company you work for as well as the length of time required to set up the boiler and the amount of engineers needed.

On average , the cost of installing a new boiler will range between PS500 and PS1,000. This is contingent on the specific nature of the installation.

A combi swapthat takes around an entire day, is much more efficient than a conversion to a back boiler that takes about 2 days, and could need more than one technician.

The cost of installation of a boiler is usually part of the fixed cost quotation If you decide the option of purchasing your appliance through Heatable, you won’t need to fret about juggling various costs and coming up with the final price.

Cost of labor (swap): PS600- PS800

Cost of labour (conversion): PS1000- PS1500

#3 Vertical flue costs the following: PS300 – PS600

The HTML0 flue for boilers simply means the long pipe that connects through the boiler and the exterior of your house – making sure the flue gases and condensation are released outside, not directly into your face essential.

In most cases flues will depart your home horizontally, incurring no additional expenses, however flues that go the roof vertically require greater effort and will cost you more. It could be simply bad luck.

The typical vertical flue cost is PS300 – PS600

Get a fixed, online boiler quote

#4 – Plume kit cost: PS90 – PS130

The plume kit an extension kit that is attached to the flue of your boiler. It is necessary when your boiler’s flue is located too close to a door, window or property that is adjacent to it, as well as your spouse, and is mandated by law to meet Gas Safe regulations.

The absence of an air purification kit could result in London’s normal air quality levels. If you don’t already reside in London or elsewhere, in which case the smell of boiler exhaust could be like a breath in the fresh air.

A typical plume kit price is PS90 to PS130

#5 – Main gas pipe upgrade cost: PS250 – PS400

The majority of heating systems from the past are constructed using gas pipes with a specific size (often fifteen millimeters). To comply with modern standards it is necessary to extended to 22mm in the majority of instances, which may result in an additional cost.

In some cases older pipes could comprise of cheddar, lead or bones of the early settlers, and they will have to be replaced by copper pipes.

Heatable will never will charge you for upgraded pipework however, most installation companies include this in your bill, causing you to feel a bit tense and a wicked laughter

Beware of fraudulent traders who do not prepare for the upgrade of their pipework the cost of replacing their boilers and installation costs are far more impermissible than what’s in a duffel bag at on the rear of an vehicle.

Cost of gas upgrades: PS250 – PS400

The gas upgrade we are planning to purchase costis: PS0

Get a fixed, online boiler quote

#6 Cost to move the boiler

Transferring the boiler’s location is expensive and requires lots of physical labor as well as additional pipework, emotional strength, as well as numerous new general fittings and fixtures.

If the relocation of your boiler is integral to every dream and hope that you’ve held since you were a young child Try to stay clear of this.

Do you want to save money and power on your heating costs? If so, you ought to look into installing one of these top Smart thermostats.

#7 Heating control upgrade costs PS100 – PS300


The days of an exhausting, back-breaking trek towards your boiler to turn it on are now over as a species. Most new boilers will come with the latest controller.

Based on the brand and type that the control is from, it could provide different figures to the price of your new boiler.

Heating controls cost between PS100 and PS300

The heating control we use costs: PS0. It’s completely free!

Get a fixed, online boiler quote

#8 Upgraded warranty cost

extended warranties specifically 10-year ones, typically can only be provided through trusted partners of manufacturers.

They could depend on the fitting of other approved equipment, such as magnetic boiler filters. These usually incur extra costs for the installer, but the longer warranty is definitely something worth the expense.

You think you’ve got the best price? Make sure the warranty is more extended than the previous lot of milk you purchased

#9 Cost of magnetic boiler filter PS100 – PS200

Filters are installed inside the pipework, and are used to ensure the safety of your boiler. They make use of powerful magnets that catch small particles of dirt and metallic to prevent them from moving into the boiler itself , cause unnecessary damage or leaks from the boiler.

A reputable boiler installation company will always include the cost of fitting filters into the quote. We’ll include them, but we do not charge more, and install them in the standard manner across the UK.

Cost of magnetic boiler filter: PS100 – PS200

Magnetic filter costs: PSZero

#10 Chemical flush PS100 -PS150

Flushes aid in removing the existing sludge in the heating unit. If you don’t remove it, sludge can block the hot water flow around your radiators in a timely manner. It’s not good. It’s time to give your radiators a thorough cleaning if your radiators are freezing at the lowest point.

There are a variety of flushes that are available. A hot chemical flush, for instance is commonly used and fairly typical. However, you can spend more than PS500 for the ‘ Powerflush’. Be wary of them however. If you begin pushing high-pressure water through an older heating unit, this could cause more harm than good.

Did you know that our price calculator for boiler installations takes about 60 seconds to complete? Utilizing a set of multiple-choice questions, it will give you the fixed cost of various budget-friendly boilers.

Chemical flush cost: PS100 — PS150

Heating’s flush price: PS0 – Again free.

Get a fixed, online boiler quote

#11 – Radiator Costs

When you install the boiler of your choice is recommended to examine the entire heating system that includes the radiators. In the course of time it’s normal for radiators to wear and wear, or if they’re just older models, they might be inefficient and offer lower performance when compared to the most recent models.

What is the exact cost for new radiators is dependent on a range of elements, such as the size, material, and how many you’ll need.

The cost of replacing a boiler

It is evident that, there are a myriad of variables which can affect the final cost of installing a boiler.

The list above is intended to use as a reference only. For a fixed, exact price for the replacement of your boiler installation, visit this page.

Are you struggling with the cost of an upgrade to your boiler? Here’s what you can be able to save over the long term.

old boilers are inefficient , and for each PS10 you spend on running them you could be throwing around PS4 of that out the windows.

It causes an enormous pile of pound coins on your patio , which could pose a threat to the ecosystem in the area.

Modern boilers, particularly combi boilers – are extremely efficient when compared to older counterparts , and are stocked with advanced technology that works more efficiently for your heating requirements.

It significantly decreases the quantity of fuel consumed for gas, be it LPG, Gas or Oil.

Old boiler ratingSemi-detached houseHouse with detached garageA detached bungalowMid-terraced homeMid-floor flat
G (<70% efficient)PS205PS315PS160PS180PS100Get Quotes
F (70-74% efficient)PS145PS220PS110PS125PS70Get Quotes
E (74-78% efficient)PS120PS190PS95PS105PS60Get Quotes
D (78-82% efficient)PS110PS170PS85PS95PS55Get Quotes

Take a look at the typical savings above courtesy from Energy Saving Trust. Energy Saving Trust.

The most trusted brand within the UK energy savings data collection game, an industry known for its shady, shark-filled waters for business.

Boiler Replacement Costs Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


Why is British Gas Boiler Installation so Expensive?

Many people are amazed by the price difference between us and other companies British Gas. British Gas.

It is the British Gas boiler installation service is typically quite costly usually costing hundreds of pounds more than other services.

The main reason is that we don’t need enormous overheads to pay for which includes call centres marketing, call centres, and engineers across the country.

If you look at the comments left by our customers, it’s evident that our services are superior.

To compare, check out our Trustpilot reviews. With over 1,000 reviews and an average 4.9 stars. We take great pleasure in providing an easy boiler service.

Are the labour costs included in the boiler installation cost?

The boiler’s installation costs comprise the cost of the boiler along with the gas engineer’s labour charges.

Contrary to the typical boiler installation firm Our fixed price guarantee guarantees that the price you’re given will not change.

We understand how difficult it is when an engineer shows on your doorstep and begin adding costs in addition to the initial quote. This is why we created an offer that eliminates the common complaint.

If you require additional labor the cost will be shown in the fixed cost. For instance, a simple boiler replacement will require less time and effort than a full boiler conversion, which means it is less expensive.

When should a brand new boiler last?

Condensing boilers are built to last for around 10 years, however of course, the longevity of the boiler is affected by the quality of care taken good care of.

Boilers must be maintained each year by an accredited Gas Safe engineer. This ensures that the boiler is properly maintained, in good condition, and is safe to use.

The warranty can also not be valid if you do not have the existence of a regular service report. A warranty can ensure that the manufacturer of the boiler will take care of any problems that occur during the warranty time and is definitely worth the cost.

Are you interested in learning more what the next generation of heating will bring to the UK? Explore the latest developments on Hydrogen boilers.

Installation cost of the boiler, conclusion and the most important takeaways:

A new way to reduce boiler costs can be a financial minefield that may research till the very end of your time.

You can use this to display an exact price in the screen immediately.

The replacement costs can vary from around PS1,000 to PS6,000 based on the job required and the installation company you choose.

Always make sure you get the following regardless of what you’re planning to be payingfor:

  • Fixed cost with no unexpected additional charges once work starts
  • The complete labor and parts warranty that you are at ease using
  • Magnetic boiler filters
  • System flush
  • Read company reviews before making a decision to pay

Follow these basic rules, and avoid any business that sends a salesperson disguised as a “surveyor” to your house and add only a tiny amount of boiler research. Do you can you do that here and easily?

Your almost as qualified as it is possible to be for the most competitive cost for new boilers accessible and avoid cowboys looking you like the early PPI victims of the noughties.

or to simplify things…


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