How often should you keep your boiler in good condition?


If you’re aware that you need to have your boiler maintained, however you are wondering ‘how often should I maintain my heating system?’ we’ve got the answer. To ensure that your boiler is operating efficiently and safely your boiler must be checked by a qualified professional. In the absence of a professional, your boiler could result in problems that could result in higher energy costs and your warranty being canceled in the earliest possible time. It’s not exactly what you’re looking for. Find below more details about how often you should have it serviced. Also, find out who is required to take care of it, what time it is necessary to have it serviced as well as the reason it’s needed as well as how to make an appointment for yours. Continue reading!

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When should I maintain my boiler?


Boilers must be checked at least once per year, and especially when they’re oil or gas-based. This annual check-up is chance for certified heating engineer to examine the unit and ensure it’s functioning as smoothly as is possible for you. This will give you assurance knowing that the heating unit is operating smoothly and safely.

Electric boilers don’t require the same amount of maintenance as oil and gas boilers however it’s an excellent idea to get them checked when it’s feasible. You’ll be able to rest easy when the time comes to leave.

If you have landlords in your homes, having your flue and boiler system maintained each year for the properties you lease out is an obligation under the law. Make sure to book these boiler services for all properties you own and lease out, and we will issue an Gas safety certification for landlords according to the law when we’re there.


Who is the person who should maintain the boiler?

A boiler needs to be maintained by a qualified heating engineer. The qualification(s) they need to have will vary based on the kind of boiler that you have set up in the home. Check out the differences below:

Gas boilers The Gas Safe Registered engineer is the only qualified person to repair the gas boiler.

Oil boilers The oil boiler should be maintained by an OFTEC licensed engineer.

Remember, whenever the engineer responsible for heating arrives at your house to perform this boiler repair, make sure you request to see their identification prior to their arrival. To ensure your safety as well as to ensure that the work is completed at the highest level.

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When should I get my boiler cleaned?


There’s no correct or incorrect solution here, as long as your boiler is being maintained per year for 12 months that’s what really matters. While you are able to have your boiler maintained at any time of the year, we strongly suggest scheduling it during the summer months – at a period when you’re not making use of the boiler (or not even using it) to ensure that it’s functioning properly for the winter months to come. Additionally, it’s the time that the technicians have more time in their calendars. You might find that their rates are less or special offers are provided on boiler maintenance more often than during winter.

Why should I get my boiler maintained?


As we’ve mentioned before that by having a qualified heating engineer examine your boiler every year, you’ll be able to have peace of mind knowing it’s working safely and smoothly. This will give you the assurance that your boiler is operating as efficiently as it can which will allow you to reduce your energy costs to a minimum . Save money wherever you can.

In addition, a boiler maintenance is essential to keep the warranty on your boiler in force. Without a warranty for your boiler in the event that it should require repair, you will not be able call the manufacturer. It is in your best interest to get your boiler checked to ensure that your boiler warranty remains current throughout the period you’re covered by it.

If you choose not to get your boiler checked every year, you’re putting yourself at risk for:

  • Carbon monoxide leaks from your home
  • A dramatic increase in the cost of your energy
  • An issue that could result in the boiler failing
  • The cost of repair costs which could be prevented

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What exactly does a boiler repair include?

A full boiler service is expected to take between 30 and 40 minutes, as the heating engineer performs the following:

  • The engineer will begin by looking for indicators of corrosion or leaks and then examining the boiler’s flame
  • They will then take off the boiler casing and inspect the inside of the boiler and then clean (where it is necessary)
  • This then leads them to look at the flue’s terminals to ensure that they aren’t blocked in any manner
  • They then verify whether the gas pressure is at the proper level.
  • The engineer will finish the process by igniting the boiler to verify its effectiveness as it works.

Important to know that the time needed to maintain the boiler can be extended if a fault with the boiler is discovered.

What should I be doing to make sure the boiler works effectively?

There are many ways you can ensure that your boiler will last for a long time.

Like any mechanical device your boiler needs to be taken care of Regular maintenance will be beneficial along with having an every year boiler inspection of course.

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